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Vacheron Constantin Watches – a Class Itself

Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation which is surviving till now. It was founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron in the year 1755, later joined by Francois Constantin in 1819.  From the very beginning, it has concentrated on building and consolidating its tradition for aesthetic and technical excellence. Vacheron Constantin timepieces explain everything artwork and hand-finishing is of the exceptional quality. Very first Vacheron Constantin boutique is still located, on Quai de l’Ile in Geneva.

These days to add a touch of class people prefer Vacheron Constantin as a dress watch because wearing one such watch gives you a good opportunity to have some precious metal on your wrist. This will also add value to a style of watch that is typically an heirloom.

It made dressing up much easier (and costlier) as Vacheron Constantin is one of the elegant dress watches. A simple and uncluttered dial is one of the timeless qualities that a dress watch should fulfill and it is something exceptional in it. Moreover the focus should ideally be on the essence of a watch. Some of the best examples even avoid second hands. This brand is excellent as it didn’t distract from ones attire and preferably on a leather strap that matches with shoes and belt. Slenderness is another virtue in a classic dress watch. It’s of very diminutive height so that it slides easily under a shirt cuff and gives a subtle wrist presence.

This brand has earned a respectable space in market, earlier it was known to just elite class people as it very much costly but from the year 2001 Vacheron Constantin had launched the Royal Eagle model range which mainly target younger audience. It has also renewed with the flared lugs of the 40s which had become immediate Vacheron Constantin signatures. The early 2000s saw this brand engage into more contemporary and modern designs.

Introducing steel luxury watches sporting piece was a gamble in the 7o’s but Vacheron played well, although it is the last brand to bring a piece to market (in 1977) whose size is 37mm. it’s somewhat on the small size by today’s measuring standards, but very slim but still infinitely wearable.

Indeed the current inspiration for various overseas collections directly comes from the 222 which is started by Vacheron Constantin and is proved successful seller for the brand. As this brand is very costly so watches were made in Vacheron Constantin in very limited numbers, 37mm 222s rapidly gain appreciation in the collector market and true rarity at that time.

You can trust this brand because the chain of know-how was never broken; this is the only brand in the world that never stopped producing watches for the last almost-260 years. Itself an achievement as the chain remained strong and was passed on from generation to generation. Vacheron Constantin can please every taste. Whether you are into classic watches, sporty watches or ladies' watches; you buy a Vacheron Constantin watch today and you can wear it for next 15-20 years and it will always remain a timeless piece.

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